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Home Professional Slow Motion Video Analysis

Professional Slow Motion Video Analysis

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All customers purchasing running or walking shoes will receive video analysis to determine which category of running shoe is correct for them. Customers are encouraged to bring the shoes they are currently running in with them when they come to purchase a new pair.  We will video tape you running with your current shoes, barefoot and with the new pair of shoes and talk to you a little about why we are suggesting the category of shoe we are.  This service will be performed by either a physical therapist or a highly trained employee.

Additionally, customers have the option to call and schedule an appointment with Andy Bowen or Eric Elsinger to receive a more medically based level of service. These services are as follows:

Level 1 - Slow motion video analysis - Comparison of normal vs. abnormal biomechanics with professional feedback on proper, safe and efficient technique.  price: $

Level 2Slow motion video analysis with personalized strength/flexibility program - A proper strength and flexibility program may help improve your overall performance and decrease your risk for injury for the next season.  price: $$

Level 3 - Slow motion video analysis with orthotics - Same information as Level 1, but with soft orthotics fitting including custom molding and adjustments if necessary. price: $$ plus the cost of the orthotic

Level 4Slow motion video analysis with casted custom orthotics - Same information as Level 1 with casted custom orthotics.  For person seeking a specific custom orthotic (see orthotic choices).  price: $$$ includes custom orthotic

Level 5Slow motion video analysis with personalized strength/flexibility program and soft orthotic or casted custom orthotics . price: $$$$




**please call to inquire about scheduling and pricing.  Prices do not include the cost of shoes.


Home Professional Slow Motion Video Analysis