Sports Medicine

Green Mt Rehab develops strong athletes with good technique to prevent injury and enhance performance. Above is a video of a female black belt returning to sport after ACL reconstruction. Part of her rehab involves much performance testing, which you will notice at the end of her video, in particular Y-balance testing and single hop testing. Notice her right leg can not control deceleration forces and she requiring extra hopping to maintain balance when compared to left. She is very close to return to sport but she still has some very important strengthening left to do. She will get it!

Proper rehab builds from technique development to performance enhancement. We create custom sports specific programs that are scientifically proven to significantly reduce the risk of serious injuries. It combines a dynamic warm up, plyometrics, strength training and flexibility.

Dynamic Warm-up: Prepares the body with functional based activities that use sport specific motions. It raises core body temperature, increases blood flow to the muscles and improves flexibility, balance and coordination.

Plyometrics/JumpTraining: Plyometrics are used to focus on correct technique and are divided into weekly phases. Each phase has a different training focus and the exercises change accordingly. Plyometrics develops muscle control and strength that are critical for reducing the risk of injury.

High Intensity Strength Training: With emphasis on body alignment and form to provide structured (yet adaptable) strength training guidance. This section focuses on development of core strength and improving overall muscular efficiency. This can be done with or without equipment or free weights.

Flexibility Training: Stretching is essential to achieve maximum muscle length, allowing muscles to work with power through a complete range of motion. This is important for decreasing injury and post-training muscle soreness.

Training proceeds from technique development to performance enhancement with each session building on the previous bout of training. The strength and flexibility components have also been carefully reviewed for safety and effectiveness. Essential to the success of the athlete is the therapist's interaction and feedback throughout the program. Patient to physical therapist ratios are kept at 1 to 1 to ensure that each athlete receives professional individualized recommendations and attention.

Call us today (802) 861-6700 and get involved in a sports medicine program that addresses your needs. Neuromuscular training also plays a large role in our sports medicine programs to increase muscular power and decrease impact forces. Strengthening muscles and training them to resist deceleration forces is a large priority for all athletes.