Green Mountain Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine

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Green Mountain Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine


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Patients First

Eric & Andy

At Green Mountain Rehab, value long standing relationships with our patients and a one-on-one approach that includes implementing a scientifically based treatment plan and custom strength and conditioning program.  We aim to restore mobility and function and prevent further dysfunction to ensure the most effective and efficient way for patients to get back to living pain free.


Hands on Approach

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Hands on Approach

Hands onWe all are specialists in manual therapy using joint mobilization / deep tissue massage to obtain the primary goal of restoring pain free movement of the musculoskeletal system in postural balance.  Much research suggests manual therapy methods are quite effective in decreasing pain and tension in surrounding soft tissue structures, as well as restoring range of motion.  Which method or combination of methods is best for you is dependent on the nature of the injury / dysfunction.


Our Staff

Andy Andy Bowen

Eric Eric Elsinger

Christine Christine Hagan

Susan Susan Foerster