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About Green Mountain Rehab & Sports Medicine

At Green Mountain Rehab we value long standing relationships with our patients and one-on-one approach that includes implementing a scientifically based treatment plan and a custom strength and conditioning program. We aim to restore mobility and function and prevent further dysfunction to ensure the most effective and efficient way for patients to get back to living pain free.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Green Mountain Rehab & Sports Medicine in Burlington...

Julie, Ballroom Dancer from Jacksonville:

Overcame upper back/shoulder pain and is now back to dancing.

Jen, Triathlete from Jacksonville:

Overcame hip pain and is now back to running with little to no pain.

Sam: Golfer from Jacksonville:

Overcame upper back/neck pain and is now back to golfing with no pain.

Katherine I., Burlington: Overcame lower leg pain.

“Very thankful to the GMR team – relaxed atmosphere, family approach, very positive PT experience!…”
“I came in to my first PT session with Eric unsure of what was wrong with my lower legs. All I knew was that running was intensely painful and as a military member, I have a requirement to run. That first session was very thorough and the consensus was that I was suffering classic symptoms of chronic exertional compartment syndrome. This started an intense couple of months of ortho referrals, compartment pressure testing until finally I underwent a bilateral fasciotomy in early January. Post-surgery, I came back to GMR. Eric helped me through my whole recovery; stretches, exercises, soft tissue work. It was a very holistic approach. Every week, there was noticeable improvement! Before surgery and PT, I couldn’t make it a mile and a half before the pain would stop me. By 3 months post surgery, after bi-weekly PT services, I was able to run a 5k – with no pain. Experiencing pain and lack of mobility really makes you appreciative when wellness is restored. Very thankful to the GMR team – relaxed atmosphere, family approach, very positive PT experience!”

Kristen M., Burlington: Overcame running injury.

“When I first came to Green Mountain Rehab, I was so nervous. (Boston Marathon) wouldn’t have happened without Harry and GMR…”
“When I first came to Green Mountain Rehab, I was so nervous. I was signed up for the Boston Marathon as a charity runner and due to a chronic ankle issue, the race felt very much in jeopardy. The pain I felt when running was intensifying and discouraging. From my first appointment with Harry, I felt like my problem became his problem. He evaluated me holistically. As with most training cycles, mine wasn’t as smooth as I hoped, but with careful use of dry needling, tissue work, strength building, and taping along with mileage management, I lined up in Hopkinton with everyone else. The race was a blast and I raised a bunch of money for a charity that’s close to my heart. It was a true “bucket list” race and one that wouldn’t have happened without Harry and GMR.”

Michelle J., Burlington: Overcame foot pain.

“I found myself walking for the 1st time in 15 years, PAIN FREE! I have my life back! Thank you Andy!”
“I have suffered with plantar fasciitis for the past 15 years. Many doctors have tried and failed to bring any relief. I had given up any and all activities that required being on my feet, including the basic task of walking. I made one last attempt with a PT elsewhere and once again, failed. A good friend referred me to Green Mountain Rehab and asked me to give it one more try. Willing to entertain her I made an appointment. I felt mild relief the 1st day, but I finally had hope! A very short while after, I found myself walking for the 1st time in 15 years, PAIN FREE! I have my life back! Thank you Andy!”

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We value personal relationships and the connections we make with you! Your first visit to the clinic consists of a history intake and full evaluation. During this visit we will start your plan of care immediately with treatment. Treatment may include a combination of manual therapy and therapeutic exercise. We provide exercises in written form with pictures, and via email, to jump start your home exercise program….

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