Appointment Policy

Welcome to Green Mountain Rehab! We truly appreciate your support and will do our absolute best to provide you with exceptional care.

We have a strong reputation in our community for helping athletes and our therapists are highly skilled and experienced at treating most orthopedic injuries, whether you are an athlete or not. Our number one goal is to educate you about your injury or dysfunction, implement a treatment plan, and provide you with a strong plan for the future.

Our outcomes are consistently positive and, overall, our patients require fewer physical therapy visits than the national average. This is due to the commitment of our therapists and your anticipated commitment to physical therapy. In order for you to benefit from these positive outcomes, it is important that you understand and agree to the following:

  1. Please come to your appointments. Our experience as well as scientific evidence indicates consistent care is more effective than a disrupted treatment plan. We understand that life is busy, but please try to give us 24 hours notice, or a cancellation fee of 125 will be charged.
  2. Scheduling. To help find the most convenient times for you, please schedule in advance. This will increase the chances of finding times that work for you and obtaining consistent care.
  3. Feedback. Please give us feedback anytime during your treatment. If you don’t feel comfortable or happy with your treatment plan or progress, let us know!
  4. Insurance coverage. Please take the time to understand your physical therapy benefits and feel free to ask our front desk staff any question you may have. Please pay your co-pays on the day of service and your co-insurance upon receiving your invoice. Medicare and Medicaid require a referral so please make sure to have that with you at your first visit.

Word of mouth is our most trusted form of advertising, so help us spread the word to your family, friends, and healthcare providers about your positive experience with us!