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We are specialists in manual therapy using joint mobilization / deep tissue massage to obtain the primary goal of restoring pain free movement of the musculoskeletal system in postural balance.

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Green Mountain Rehab Philosophy

Patients First

At Green Mountain Rehab we value long standing relationships with our patients and one-on-one approach that includes implementing a scientifically based treatment plan and a custom strength and conditioning program.  We aim to restore mobility and function and prevent further dysfunction to ensure the most effective and efficient way for patients to get back to living pain free.

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Community Minded

At GMR we care about our community and provide personal one-on-one care for you.  We give back, with free, educational, monthly workshops on how to heal naturally.

Hands On Therapy

Manual hands on therapy is the core of our approach, let our specialists work with you.

Professional therapists

Let our experienced physical therapists design a rehab program just for you.

Treatment Techniques

Our Services

We are one of the leading providers of physical therapy for patients located right in the heart of downtown Burlington. Review our services and find a program that can be custom fit for your rehabilitation needs.

back manual therapy treatment

Better Back & Neck Program

We restore your core stability using a progressive 4 stage exercise program specifically designed to address your deficits. Each stage is challenging, but pain-free. The correct combination of manual therapy and exercise will get you feeling better again.

orthotic casting

Custom Orthotics

We specialize in many types of orthotics based on specific foot types. We also can design the orthotic to fit your specific needs.

trigger point needling technique

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a skilled technique using very thin acupuncture needles to deactivate trigger points, knots in muscles, as well as increasing circulation (healing cells) to encourage a healing response.

Hand & Shoulder therapy treatment

Hand to Shoulder Program

We offer extensive services for treatment of numerous injuries to hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder. We will work closely with your doctor providing the best team approach possible when dealing with pre and post operative care, sprains, strains or fractures.

rehabilitation coaching exercises

Hip, Knee, Ankle to Foot Program

Lower extremity injuries often times involve multiple joints. At Green Mountain Rehab, we'll conduct a full evaluation, focusing on your deficits that are inhibiting your movement and strength goals.

manual ankle therapy

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is helpful for the treatment of joints and muscles. Our manual therapy skills will help get you moving properly again.

Yoga Mat

Yoga Class for Runners

Yoga not only relieves tightness typical to runners like hamstrings, hips, and glutes, but it also helps gain focus, relieve pre-race jitters and improve balance. Come join use every Monday at 6:15 at Green Mountain Rehab.

Finish Line


GMR is proud to offer Coaching services for runners looking to improve their performance. Time to set your PR.

Physical Therapy from Vermont professionals

At Green Mountain Rehab, value long standing relationships with our patients and a one-on-one approach that includes implementing a scientifically based treatment plan and custom strength and conditioning program.

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Andy Bowen

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Heather Ransom

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Zack Wilson

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Christine Hagen

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Eric Elsinger

knee rehabilitation testimonial
“Injured my knee skiing. After a few short weeks, I was able to climb stairs and walk at an almost normal pace and gait.”

Maliachi Champion

shoulder patient testimonial
“This was the best resolution to a health issue I've ever had. I would highly recommend Andy and Green Mountain Rehab.”

Eric Provost

“I am grateful for the diligence and patience that Eric showed during my visits.”

Bruce Douglas

“Christine was fantastic! My shoulder has improved a ton and is getting back to normal. Green Mt. Rehab has been great!”

Owen Marks

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22 Feb

Hamstring tightness – self test

Do you have hamstring tightness? Are you having trouble bending over? Does your walking or running stride feel limited by your hamstrings? Well try this quick and easy test.  Start by laying down.  Ohhh, it already sounds easy.  Simply lock out your leg and raise it up as high as you can.  Now have someone […]

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30 Jan

Winter Cross Training – Skinning – Open those HIPS!

You got the winter blues? Inconsistent weather of freezing cold, great snow, rain, freezing cold, great snow, rain…repeat.  Should I run, bike, ski, hike, or read a book?  Winter is a difficult time of year for a consistent outdoor exercise routine.  But sometimes the mountain gives us a sweet surprise. I had a great day […]

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02 Feb

Self Test – If painful, then your shoulder pain may be impingement?

Self-Test for Shoulder Impingement Pain We had something cool happen to one of our patients, that we wanted to share with you.  For us, it was a typical response to hands-on manual treatment of impingement.  To our patient, her 7 months of pain was finally gone.  She came in with severe shoulder pain that was […]

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