Free Running Injury Workshop

Green Mt Rehab, Tuesday, March 13th, 6pm

Do you or anyone you know suffer from running pain?

Pain with long distances, speed work or simply getting started?

Learn how to address the cause of your pain, naturally.

Learn from our running specialists how to stop relying on medications and get back to your normal activities.

It ideal for the person who is having running pain and wants to get off medication, avoid injections and surgery. Our Running Injury Workshop may provide some easy solutions for you.

LIMIT – 20.  Spouses welcome.

All attendees receive special report “3 Movements All Runners Must Master”.

Call us at 802 861 6700 if you have any questions or concerns.

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Running Injury - March 13th

Workshop Patient Testimonial:


I really enjoyed the workshop and it was helpful to know that I am not the only one gong through back pain.  In the end what I took away from the workshop was that I should have contacted you and your team when I first herniated my disc rather than going to the other PT place I had chosen! In the past I had come to see you guys before for IT band issues and your team has been fantastic. but when I hurt my back, I didn’t think it was running related injury and therefore didn’t think to contact you guys…which was a stupid choice! Anyway, I have much less back pain now and have been able to get back into running (verrrryyyy slowly!).  I would really love to get back to Beth’s yoga class as well. Miss that practice! Anyway, I’m rambling. I think this workshop is fantastic…I hope you continue to reach more people as I think back issues are often ignored and many people are unaware of how to help themselves.