Success Stories from Green Mountain Rehab Patients

Jennifer Stein“I had scoliosis surgery in 2009, and have a rod that fuses most of my spine. I have always been active, and a year after my surgery I was able to bounce back quick with the help of physical exercise and a determination to play sports and regrow the muscles that had been cut in the surgery. My mobility has been pretty great, considering I can move my spine. During high school, I’d go weekly to physical therapy to get my muscles stretched out, because I can’t stretch them myself due to the limited mobility. Once I got to college, I still maintained my active lifestyle, however I didn’t require physical therapy, with the exception of every couple months because the tightness in my back would build up… until I got in a car accident and got horrible whiplash and really aggravated the muscles in my neck. Naturally, I went back to physical therapy, and it help relieve some of the pressure, but the tightness was deep and unyielding.

After a little persuasion, I decided to try dry needling, my physical therapist offered me a free trial. Both my PT and I never expected to see such incredible results so quickly. It was actually amazing for me, and changed my life (which sounds super cheesy, I know, I wouldn’t believe me either). I am a college student, I have a high pain tolerance from having back surgery, but over time the chronic pain from my tight muscles was keeping me up at night, giving me headaches, distracting me in class and while studying because the pain was hard to bare. The dry needling gets deeper into your muscles and let me feel relief for longer than just massage, stim, and other PT techniques (not that I don’t love all of those as well). My muscles finally feel like muscles and not stiff as bones! I’d highly recommend dry needling to anyone who had really tight muscles and chronic pain, it is almost like muscle magic!

Thanks so much for all your help with my back!”

Jennifer Stein

“I came in with really bad pain and tightness in my lower and middle back in addition to knee pain. My back pain prevented me from enjoying running, hiking, yoga and from being able to sit still for extended periods of time. My knee pain occurred primarily with running and hiking. Eric helped identify muscle imbalances and ways to combat them in addition to massage therapy. I can now run up to 4 miles pain free on any type of surface and enjoy yoga again. I am also leaving with the knowledge of how to keep paying attention to, treating, and preventing future muscle imbalances. I am so grateful for my time at Green Mtn Rehab, I thought I was going to have to give up running.”

Jenna Rohling


Daniel and Heather“Before PT I had a lot of pain in my lower back, especially when running or lifting anything in general. On the first day Heather diagnosed all the symptoms that I’ve been having and showed me a couple of exercises that can help along with what I’ve been doing day to day.  After a few PT visits my back pain went from an 8, on a 1 to 10 scale, down to a 2 with very few pain.  Heather corrected any mistakes that I’ve been doing and was always helpful with any questions that I had. Now that I’m done with PT I can compete in my races with confidence”

Daniel Stanisic

Nancy Testimonial“My knee hurt almost all the time and my hip was beginning to give me trouble because I was favoring the sore knee.  And my knee was bent all the time – I just couldn’t straighten it.  All the activities I enjoyed became painful (walking, cycling).

Andy worked on my knee and gave me some simple exercises to do at home. Little by little my knee became less bent.  I worked hard to avoid favoring it and Andy’s work on getting things moving again has enabled me to walk (5 miles!) without pain the next day. Cycling has become easier and the pain has decreased so much its not really noticeable – its such a relief to be able to enjoy these simple things again.  Andy  is the best. “

Nancy Rabinowitz

Maddy and Andy“Before coming to PT, I was scared of even taking my brace off.  I felt so weak that I thought the brace was the only thing keeping me from tearing my ACL again.  After my first session of PT, I was riding the bike without my brace and saw improvements like that each week.

Andy helped me feel comfortable and strong each week to the point where I could walk with one crutch and now, as I am leaving back to college, I’m walking without crutches and no limp!

All thanks to the wonderful crew at Green Mt Rehab.”

Maddy Feeney

“When I came to see Andy I had pain in my shoulder. Andy said it was an issue with my rotator cuff. Sounds complicated, right? Well not for Andy. Within a few days I was able to swim and do yoga again. These activities were too painful when I originally came in. The folks at GMR focus on helping us get back to our favorite activities (like swimming) within reason.”

Marianne DiMascio




“I was lucky to have such a positive and relatively easy recovery. The initial shoulder dislocation was not as significant as it could have been. Nonetheless, I was apprehensive to lift heavy bags, sleep on the shoulder, ride my bicycle, and climb. Today, I do not have issues performing any of these activities. I am climbing again, which is most important to me. I appreciate the work that Heather assigned to me, especially her openness and adaptability to changing our routine as needed”

Taran Wise



“I started PT here after rotator cuff surgery on my right (dominant) shoulder. I wasn’t allowed to start PT for 4 weeks and was concerned about getting strong enough to be able to ride my horse. I worked with Christine; she assessed my abilities; worked within my surgeons recommendations and prepared a plan in which I could heal and strengthen. Today it is 6 mos out of surgery; I have almost full range of motion and my strength continues to grow. I consider my surgery a success and I am happily riding my horse regularly.”

Mona Boutin



“When I came in I as in a lot of neck pain and felt pretty helpless. Eric came to discover that my upper traps on either side were also tight which I would not have known. We came up with a comprehensive plan that focused on these areas and made progress pretty fast. Now I have no shoulder or neck pain”

Kelsey Andrews


“I have suffered with plantar fasciitis for the past 15 years. Many doctors have tried and failed to bring any relief. I had given up any and all activities that required being on my feet, including the basic task of walking. I made one last attempt with a PT elsewhere and once again, failed. A good friend referred me to Green Mountain Rehab and asked me to give it one more try. Willing to entertain her I made an appointment. I felt mild relief the 1st day, but I finally had hope! A very short while after, I found myself walking for the 1st time in 15 years, PAIN FREE! I have my life back! Thank you Andy!

Michelle Jodoin

Hi Andy,

You probably don’t remember me, but I was a patient of yours back around the winter 2008. I came into see you for severe low back pain that I began to experience following a day of skiing at Bolton Valley while I was an undergrad at UVM. Anyway, my experience with you and your clinic at that time was beyond exceptional, and I could not believe how much PT had helped me. This was my first time interacting with physical therapy, and while being at a crossroads of figuring my life path, I decided after that interaction that I wanted to become a physical therapist.

Having set my mind to this, it took a few extra years of additional coursework after my bachelors of arts from UVM. I lived in CO for a few years taking pre-requisites, working in PT clinics and teaching skiing in Breckenridge, before starting PT school in NY at NYIT.

Long story short, I graduated last week with my DPT and I wanted to just sincerely say Thank You! Not only did you help me become functional and pain free, but also inspired me into a profession and career that I am excited and passionate about.

Sorry for the long message, but wanted to say I appreciated your help way back then, and look forward to helping others as I start my professional journey (Now back to studying for the NPTE).

All the best,

Matt Hastings, DPT