back manual therapy

Better Back and Neck Program

Our experts perform a full evaluation, focusing on your deficits that are inhibiting your movement and strength goals.

We restore your core stability using a progressive four stage exercise program specifically designed to address your deficits.  Each stage is challenging, but pain-free.

We improve your movement using selective stretching and hands on techniques.  Techniques often include soft tissue (deep tissue massage) and joint mobilizations.

We decrease your pain using much patient education allowing you to learn how to move with better biomechanics to return to the activities you love.

Finally our professional guidance allows proper follow up care which has been shown to be more effective when implementing new movement and exercise programs.  Commitment on your behalf will lead to the success of this program and feeling better.

Program consists of full physical therapy evaluation, treatment plan of care, (including skilled manual therapy and therapeutic exercises) which may vary based upon your needs.  In general, the program can last 6-12 weeks based upon your needs.

The correct combination of manual therapy and exercise will get you feeling better again.

Program features:
  • Restore Core Stability
  • Improve Movement
  • Decrease Pain
  • Professional Guidance

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