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Bike Performance Analysis

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bikeriderYour pain / overuse injury may be due to poor bike bio-mechanics, which may produce excessive stress on your muscles and joints.  If necessary, we correct any poor bio-mechanics and then measure your pedal efficiency and power output using computerized biofeedback.

We analyze any "deadspots" in your pedal stroke and then teach you how to coordinate and strengthen your proper muscle recruitment.  Many of the world's greatest cyclists have worked hard to improve pedaling efficiency using sophisticated scientific measurements of pedal pressure.  This research will help you improve your pedaling efficiency and bio-mechanics as to produce more power with less muscle / joint stress and less fatigue.

Overall, dedicating time to finding a more efficient position and pedal stroke will help to reduce the risk of injury and fatigue, while increasing your overall comfort and performance.  This analysis has been extremely valuable for cyclists of all levels and ages, and can often improve pedal efficiency by 20 - 30% in just one session.  Don't wait, come see us - we'll help you improve your weekly rides.


Home Bike Performance Analysis